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Home » What are Jewellery Hallmarks | GoldCeylon | 2023

What are Jewellery Hallmarks | GoldCeylon | 2023

Hallmarking is the only government-approved method of testing the purity of gold and stamping it with a ‘gold hallmark’ as per the standards set by the SLAO (Sri Lanka Assay Office) under the National Gem and Jewellery Authority.

How do I know if my gold jewelry is hallmarked?

You will find a hallmark that consists of these 3 symbols on every piece of gold jewelry/gold.

The symbol for purity would differ depending on the karat of your gold. For 22-karat gold, the symbol is 916. For 18-karat gold, it is 750, and for 14-karat gold, it is 585. While 24-karat is the purest form of gold, it is too soft and malleable to use for making jewelry.

SLAO Hallmark comprises of following compulsory symbols.

1.   Assay Office Mark/ Country Mark (PUNKALASA) – 

2.   Mark to indicate the metal type (LAMP/ PAHANA) – 

3.   Fineness (Purity) mark  – 

What are the benefits of hallmarking gold?

  • Protects Consumer as well as safeguard the jewelry industry from unethical practices/competitions.
  • Support to Maintain Sri Lankan jewelry standards on par with International Standards.
  • Minimize fraud (Under Karating) during Jewellery manufacturing trading and pawning etc.
  • An important tool to promote our jewelry in competitive international markets.
  • Essential system for Sri Lanka to be a full member of the Hallmarking Convention.
  • Where Sri Lanka Assay Office will be empowered by the convention to use world recognized “Convention Hallmark” which is a definite value addition for our jewelry exports. As well as eradicate
  • Cross border settings “At present 22 countries enjoy full membership of the convention, whereas Sri Lanka, Italy, and Ukraine are categorized as “observe members”.
  • Revenue Generation.

Hallmarked gold can help you prove the purity of the gold you own as you are given a certificate of purity. On your part, you must ask your jeweler for their hallmarking certificate, and for a magnifying glass so you can check the 3 symbols of a gold hallmark. You must also ask for a bill that usually records every minute detail of the gold purchase, including making charges, wastage charges, and date of purchase, quantity of gold, purity of gold, taxes, and the day’s price of gold.

Will hallmarking make gold more expensive?

Absolutely not!  If you are buying gold to benefit from its aesthetic, cultural, or economic value, make sure you ask Hallmark and get exactly what you are paying for!

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