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Most famous gold loan service provider Sri Lanka

[GOLDCeylon: Votes Compitition]
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In Sri Lanka and across the world, gold is revered not only for its monetary value but also for its sentimentality. Many people inherit gold jewellery and buy or are gifted gold coins as future investments. But did you know that this precious metal is an excellent asset that you can use to generate cash flow during a financial emergency?

Gold loans, also known as a ‘loans against gold’, are loans that borrowers can take from lenders after pawning their gold items in lieu of other assets. The loan is provided once the gold is inspected and valued, and the loan amount provided is a certain percentage of the gold’s value. Gold loans are very common in Sri Lanka as it is one of the fastest and most convenient ways for obtaining short-term financial aid. According to statistics from the last 2 years, Gold Loan service grammeticaly increased in Sri Lanka.

GOLDceylon organized vote competition to select the most famous gold loan service providers in Sri Lanka.

GOLDCeylon followed many Financial Instututes participated to it. From them, we selected 4 institutes with the highest votes.

According to the results of the conducted online votes competition,
for the most famous gold loan service providers :

1. Gold Award Winner

2. Silver Award Winner
Commercial Credit and Finance PLC

3. Bronze Award Winner

4. 3rd Ruppnes Up
Asia Asset Finance PLC

Winners are notified through the website with their digital certificates.

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