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Where to Shop for Jewelry in Korea

Source: koreners website

Shopping for jewelry and precious stones is a fun activity to do in Korea. There are various places to visit if you are a jewelry lover and would love to find something, especially from the country. Not only will it be unique and beautiful, it will always remind you of Korea. Korea is rich in culture and history and most of these translate in the various jewelry pieces that can only be found in the country. Not only is the jewelry of high quality, it is also a statement in itself. Here are some places to visit if you are looking for authentic Korean jewelry:

The Jong-no 3 sam-ga Jewelry District is one of the favorites of both local and international jewelry seekers. There are over 1,000 stalls for wholesale and retail buying. Jewelry is sold at an affordable price and one would usually find sales with up to a 40% discount. You will have plenty of choices from earrings to necklaces; it does not matter if you are looking for something extravagant or something a little simpler. The jewelry district is sure to have pieces of your preference. The best way to make the most of visiting the jewelry district is to come early and start looking around. The prices may vary from shop to shop as well as the pieces of jewelry sold.  


Gangnam Precious Jewels and Metals Complex situated next to the Central City Terminal is unlike the widespread stores of the Jewelry District. A building of 8th floors is also filled with stores of jewelries with prices and designs ranging from extravagant to affordable. Although it is nothing like the Jewelry District, Gangnam Precious Jewels Complex has bigger stores and the surroundings are cleaner. There are many shoppers here looking for great bargains and if you already know what you are looking for then this would be the right place to look.


Namdaemun Market’s Samho and Jewelry Fashion Town is the most popular shopping place in Korea and any jewelry lover would enjoy looking through the various kinds of jewelry that the place has to offer. For those wanting a wholesale buy, this is the best place to head to. Weddings, birthdays, and other events that would require top-notch and unique jewelry will not have a problem with the choices that the Jewelry Fashion Town has to offer. Precious stones and metals can be created and molded to your own specifications and according to your needs and wants. Most of the stones and metals are located at the basement and 1st floor while the upper floors are for wholesale accessories. Many of the middle-aged shoppers frequent this place for jewelry, as they are also known for selling jade products and other precious stones.


The Ssamziegil Complex in Insadong is home to over 70 stores that specialize in accessories and other cultural jewelry products. If you are looking for something reminiscent of the Korean culture, this is the place to head to. There are also wholesale products more befit the younger generation such as souvenirs and jewelry products that are more affordable.

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