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Gem & Jewellery Trade Exhibition and Competition

DATE   : December 15 to 17
TIME   : 9:30 am to 6:00 pm
LOCATION : Hotel Taj Samudra, Colombo – Sri Lanka.

The exhibition is organized Gemmologists Association of Sri Lanka (GASL) in collaboration with the National Gem and Jewellery Authority and Industry leaders with the intentions to educate the public including students and enthusiasts in the science of gemmology and also to create interest about gems.

The trading section of the jewels exhibition comprises of booths, covering gems and jewellery, equipment, tools, training institutions, and other aspects of the industry.

A competition has also been organized along with the exhibition to bring about the expertise and talents of those involved in the industry and allow them to find better buyers for their products.

It will also give the opportunity for the public to view exceptional creations. The competition comprises of,

A. Fine Crystal of high gemmological interest
B. Best fashioned Gem (facetted, caboshon or concaved)
C. Lapidary Art (Facetted or Carved)
D. Gem studded proffesional Jewellery
E. Photograph related to Gemmology or Gem Industry.
F. Best recreation of Traditional Jewellery.

#gem #gemmology #sapphiresrilanka #ngja #goldceylon

The event organizers have designed an attractive tour package for foreigners who wish to visit Sri Lanka for leisure followed by fashion show, Jewels Talk, Traditional jewellery gallery, Award ceremony, Symposium, Diploma Convocation.

Needful contact details as follows,

 Jewels Tour Package
14th -18th December 2023- Down South, Jewels Exhibition, Kandy & Sigiriya Mr Samitha Liyanage (General Secretary)- 0778607220

 Jewels Talk
• 15th December 2023
• Ms chathurangani Arthanayake – 0740277524

 Jewels Awards & Gem & Jewellery Competition at Taj Samudra Hotel
Mr Ajith Siriwardena (Chairman Competition) 0777355896

 A display of Traditional jewellery to modern Jewellery at Taj Samudra Hotel
Mr Samantha Gunasekara- 0777377522

 Jewels Fashion Show
15th December at Taj Samudra Hotel Mr Rusiru Doraliyagoda, 0775042995.

 Jewels 2023 Gem & Jewellery Exhibition and Competition
15th -17th December 2023 at Taj Samudra Hotel
Mr Nuwan Balage(Chairman Jewels) – 0777034670
Mr Shehan Daulagala (Chairman Promotion)- 0777388600

 Convocation of GASL Diploma programme
15th December at Taj Samudra Hotel
T S Mendis Chairman Education) : 0094 77307501.

 Workshops Jewellery Designing, Manufacturing & Techniques
January 2023, Colombo Mr Geeth Sameera – 0712744054.

General enquiries: 0741536716, [email protected]

Warmly come all to get memorable gemmology experience.

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