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Jewellery Designing | Manual & CAD CAM

🌟 New Batch Alert! 🌟

✨Jewellery Designing | Manual & CAD CAM ✨

👉 Applications Now Open for Students to join Computer Aided Jewellery Designing and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)👈

✅Application Closing Date – 18 July 2024
✅Duration: 04 Months
✅Center: Kaduwela – Head Office

Jewelry designing encompasses the intricate art of conceptualizing, crafting, and rendering exquisite adornments meant to enhance beauty and reflect personal style.

Manual jewelry designing involves traditional techniques such as sketching, carving, and molding, where designers meticulously shape precious metals and gemstones into unique pieces.

*On the other hand, CAD CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) revolutionizes the process, allowing designers to create detailed digital blueprints and 3D models using specialized software. This technology enhances precision, facilitates experimentation with various designs, and expedites the production process.

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