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Gold Jewellery | Gold Coin | Gold Bar

Gold bars are precious refined gold that is made meeting the standard conditions of manufacturing and labelling by both government and private mints. Also, gold bars are also called gold bars, gold ingots or gold biscuits. The large gold bars are made by pouring the molten gold into the moulds. However, the smaller bars are made by minting or stamping the rolled gold sheets. The central banks hold gold reserves in the form of gold bars. 

Gold bars are produced in 24 carats (999.9 pure gold) and come with a certificate that guarantees their weight, purity and Gold Standards. Gold bars are one of the most cost-effective ways to invest in gold. 

Gold bullion coins are flat, disc-shaped legal tender coins made from gold whose weight and purity are guaranteed by a sovereign state. For a gold coin to be considered a bullion coin, its value must be derived solely from the weight of the gold in it, which is closely directly related to the spot price of gold. This contrasts with numismatic and semi-numismatic coins whose value is mainly due to their historical significance and rarity. Gold jewellery, on the other hand, derives its value mostly from its craftsmanship, while the gold content forms only a tiny percentage of the price.

Gold jewellery is crafted with alloys containing the precious, naturally occurring metal, gold. Gold in its purest form is known as 24kt gold. Pure gold is generally too malleable for everyday wear, and so it’s blended with other metals to improve its durability. The result is known as an alloy. Jewellery crafted from these alloys are real gold pieces, and there are various levels of gold purity available. Beginning with 9kt, the percentage of pure gold increases up to 18kt and 22kt which are generally the highest purity levels available for most jewellery.

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