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Dubai Gold Market

Dubai, known as the “City of Gold,” is renowned worldwide for its stunning gold markets that offer customers an exquisite selection of unmatched designs. Whether it’s the bustling Meena Bazaar or the grandeur of the Gold Souq, the city has become a gold lover’s paradise. Moreover, Dubai’s highly competitive gold rates in the global market are a significant attraction for many buyers.

How To Reach Gold Souk

The distance between Dubai International Airport and Dubai Gold Souk is 8.6 Km which can be covered in approximately 20 minutes. You can quickly get a metered taxi from Dubai International Airport. It will drop you at the creekside where Abras (water taxis) frequently cross the creek. Sit in the Abra and reach the other side in just 1 Dirham. After getting down on the other side, walk towards the Dubai Fish Market and Deira Corniche, which are adjacent to the Gold Souk. Burj Khalifa is near Dubai International Airport accounting distance of 14.7 Km an expected ETA of 13 min experiences the activities by booking Burj Khalifa Tickets

Best Time To Visit Gold Souk

Dubai encounters the peak tourist season from November to March when the weather is pleasant. The tourists mostly have Gold Souk on top of their itineraries, so during these months, the Gold Souk witnesses a lot of crowd for the whole day. The prices of gold are rarely affected by the number of customers at the souk but you can try to barter for some extra discount during the off-season months.

Essential Information About Gold Souk

Tips for Visiting Gold Souk

  • It is one of the safest places to buy pure and authentic gold, that too at discounted prices if you haggle.
  • There is a massive selection of jewelry to choose from and more than 300 retail shops are happy to help you if you get confused. 
  • Take as much time to select a piece of jewelry and roam around to discover more designs. 
  • Beware of the street vendors who sell gold and other items. They may sell you gold for cheaper rates, but they do not adhere to the government rules and regulations and hence cannot be tagged as authentic.
  • It is always a good idea to stick to the retail shops in the souk.

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