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The pawning industry in Sri Lanka has experienced dramatic growth amidst a high degree of volatility associated with Gold Prices in recent times. But it has been noted that due to a lack of knowledge to identify Gold Jewellery, most of the institutions have incurred heavy financial losses. Therefore this workshop includes hands-on practical sessions designed to guide the participants through a wide range of topics.

Upon completion of the course participants should gain considerable knowledge to;
Identify and value genuine, substandard and fake jewellery, 
New trends in jewellery,  
Local and International Legalized Gold Standards and Hallmarks.
Physical and Chemical Properties of Gold


a.       Gold standards in Sri Lanka and how to purchase personal jewellery
b.      Different Jewellery types and market structure
c.       Jewellery manufacturing methods (Genuine & fake)
d.      Fundamentals of jewellery identification by visual, physical and chemical methods and their accuracies and decision-making on correct method/s applications.
e.      Gem studded jewellery and calculations
f.       Importance of Assaying and Hallmarking

Practical Session

a.      Weighing of jewellery – errors/ limitations
b.      Touchstone testing technique
c.       Visual identification of jewellery using x10 Lens.
d.      Jewellery identification by marks and Hallmarks (Local/Foreign/Hand marks/Laser marks)
e.      Substandard and fake articles testing (Sound/Visual)


Lectures, discussions and practicals

Officers of Public/Private Banks and those who are involved in pawning.

Duration: 4 Hrs

Medium: English / Sinhala

Venue: In your institute

Resource Person: Course Coordinator
Mr. Indika Bandara (Mobile: 0713217016)

Fees: Negotiable
Group: 25 candidates per Group

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