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British Sovereigns gold bullion coin is the one of the least expensive ways to gold investment purpose around the world. Gold British Sovereigns are one of the most recognized gold bullion coins around the world.


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The British Gold Sovereign weighs 7.98 grams and contains 0.2354 troy ounce of gold.

British Sovereigns gold coins changed its obverse image depending on who reigned over England at that time. (King William IV, Queen Victoria, King George IV and Queen Elizabeth II)

St. George (reverse) – British Royal Mint coin engraver Benedetto Pistrucci created this powerful image of St. George in battle armor slaying a large dragon.

Why is the British Gold Sovereign Popular and an Excellent Investment in Gold ?

• Contains .2354 troy ounces actual Gold weight

• Minted at the British Royal Mint

• The obverse of the gold coin a bust of the reigning monarch at the time the coin was struck

• Eligible for Precious Metals IRAs

• 100% authentic


• Purity – .9167
• Weight – 7.98 g (0.2354 troy ounces)

The Benefits of Buying the British Sovereign Gold Coins

• The coin is one of the the most widely circulated and traded gold coins, and has been used to facilitate commerce for several hundred years.

• Gold sovereigns maintain their value, whether old or new, and in mint or used condition. The Sovereign’s popularity makes it easy to resell as it is recognized worldwide.

• Unlike fiat currency, gold doesn’t lose its intrinsic value. This means that you can sell your gold even during periods of economic crisis. The extreme popularity of gold around the world has made it the only “real” international currency.

• Gold coins are one of the most physically secure investments, as you can possess the coins physically.

• Gold sovereigns also offer protection against inflation and currency devaluation in the future that other investment options don’t offer.

• When you own physical gold, you are wholly responsible for your investments. This means that you can decide to buy or sell whenever you want.

The reasons why you should invest in gold can’t be exhausted. Nevertheless, investing in gold coins, for example, the British Sovereign Coin offers the best protection for your investment. Gold coins protect from market volatility and the fluctuation in currency prices.

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  1. Hello Sir,
    In Srilanka,is there any shop or bank that sell Original Royal mint UK gold bullion products? ( Sovereign coins or gold bars)

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